The zoogeographical distribution of Atherigona species (Diptera: Muscidae) in Nigeria


ABSTRACT: Distributional records of Atherigona species in Nigeria were made. Atherigona lineata (Adams) and A. tomentigera van Emden were the most widely distributed as they were found in all the major ecological zones of Nigeria except the Sahel Savanna Zone. Many species were, however, not found outside their place of description. In the Owerri area of the Forest Zone, there are no records of Atherigona, possibly because of the scarcity of grasslands, the only suitable habitat for the insect. In other parts of the Forest Zone, limited records were made only in the derived passland areas. Most of the species occurred in the Northern and Southern Guinea Savanna Zones with the least record from the Sahel Savanna Zone. Several species were obtained from the mountainous areas of Mambilla Plateau and Obudu.

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