The Susceptibility of pepper fruits to inf~station by pepper fruitfly, Atherigona orientalis Schner in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.


The pepper fruitffy Atherigona orientalis (Schin.) causes extensive damage to fruits and seeds of pepper (Capsicum species) in the field. A variety of pepper plants resistant to attack by this pest has been
identified. In the present work fruits of four varieties namely Nsukka yellow, Tatashi, Bird’s eye chilli and Local medium red were tested for the presence of physical resistance to A. orientalis in terms of the ability of larvae to penetrate and develop within pepper fruits. Out of the four varieties studied, Nsukka yellow variety was the most preferred and the Bird’s eye chilli variety was the least preferred. Evidence that suggested the presence of a physical
character for resistance was established. A conclusion was drawn that a key mortality factor must have operated prior and during penetration
of the first instar into pepper fruits.

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