Synanthropic non-biting Flies (Diptera: Cyclorrhapha) of Akwa Ibom state Nigeria and their Seasonal Variations



A survey of non-biting flies from urban, rural, forest and indoor environments of Akwa Ibom State yielded 14,820 flies, comprising 64 species, out of which 58
species were trapped in the wet season and 52 species in the dry season. Full identifications were available for .only 28 species while the rest were partially identified. Chrysomya chloropyga. Drosophila sp., Atheriogona orientalis, Musa
sorbens, M. domestica
spp. calleva, Poecilosomella angulata, and species of Paryphodes occurred in large numbers. Flies showed significant preference for the
wet season, ‘and this preference was particularly significant in urban environments. Species richness was greatest in all the environments during the wet season and forest environments were richest in the species both in wet and dry seasons, while indoor
environments were the poorest in both, seasons. Species diversity and equitability indices were highest In both wet and dry seasons from rural and forest environments The synanthropic indices of 18,species are given in wet and dry seasons. Five of these species showed significantly decreased synanthropy in the dry season and eight showed no significant seasonal changes.

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