Changes in Head Protein of the Blowfly, Chrysomya chloropyga (Wied) with Age of Adult

MUSE, W.A. and OSUYA, U.L.

ABSTRACT: Changes in the head protein of male and female Chrysomya chloropy (Wiedemann) have been studied at different ages of the adult. The total protein content of head of female from emergence to 28 day-old flies was higher than those of male of the same ages, suggesting higher protein synthesis in the head of female. Female protein content increased from day 0 to 12 days and thereafter became steady but those of males were steady throughout the 28-day period of study. Protein fractions 87.1, 138.0 and 213.8 kd were distinct and specific for male while fractions 52.5 and 70.8kd were specific for females .. Females have higher molecular weight fractions than males but the males possess lower molecular weight fractions than females. This suggests differences ill the pattern of protein accumulation in the head of male and female C. chlorophyga.

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