Age-related Changes in the Midgut Proteolytic Activity of Adult Blowfly, Chrysomya chloropyga Wied (Diptera:Calliphoridae)


ABSTRACT: The effect of age’ on some properties of midgut proteolytic enzymes of adult male and female blowfly, Chrysomya chloropyga (Wied.) has been studied using the Hide Powder Azure as a substrate. At ages 0 to 28 days, midgut proteolytic activity was higher in females than in males and maximum activity was obtained at four days of age. Proteolytic activity was higher at son than at 40°C in all ages for both sexes.
Preincubation at 40°C and 50°C slightly increased proteolytic activity of midgut extracts subsequently assayed at 37°C. Midgut proteolytic activity in all ages of males and females increased with increase in incubation periods. Optimum activity for males and
females was at pH 7.0 and 8.0 respectively. The highest pH activity curve in terms of absolute activity among all ages was observed at 4-day-old males and females.

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