Evaluation of Control measures against Homophylotis catori Jordan (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) on Oil Palm in Ubima, River State, Nigeria


ABSTRACT: Toxicity test in the laboratory revealed that Ultracide 40eC (Methidathion) and Decis 12.5eC (Deltamethrin) caused 100% kill at half hour after application of the chemicals and early knockdown effect on all the stages of the insect tested. The four
insecticides showed total kill at 1.0% concentration on the 2nd and 4th instars of the insect within one quarter hour. However, the use of pruning of 4-5 leaves as a treatment and the combination of pruning, natural enemies and spot application of Ultracide 40eC (lPM) as another treatment gave better control than use of Decis, Ultracide and natural enemies individually against the pest. The pruning and the IPM treatments indicated low population of the pest as 0.94 and 0.59 respectively compared to their initial populations of 8.31 and 29.13
before the experiment

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