Termite Damage Assessment in a five year old Date palm Plantation in Dutse, Jigawa state, Nigeria


ABSTRACT: The termites, Odontotermes sp.nr. pauperans and O. smeathmani (Fuller) were found destroying young date palm trees during this study. Messor galla (Mayr.) (Hymenoptera) was often found in association with these termites. A total annual damage
of 36.1 % of the palms out of which 19.8 % were damaged beyond survival, was recorded at Dutse date palm Sub – station in 1986. Rainfall and relative humidity were negatively correlated with severity of damage ( r = 0.902 and – 0.887). These correlations were
significant at 5 % level. The partial correlation values obtained when rainfall, relative humidity and temperature were variously correlated with grades of damage, indicated that termite damage was more severe with increase in mean monthly temperature. Destruction of termitaria and removal of queens and treatment with insecticides are suggested to reduce
incidence of termite damage in date palm plantings.

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