Distribution of the Emperor Moth Caterpillar, Cirina forda (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) on Sheanut Tree Canopy a Ilorin, Nigeria.


ABSTRACT: The distribution of larval instars of Cirina forda on the sheanut trees, Vittelaria paradoxa was studied in the permanent site of the University of Ilorin, Early instars were evenly distributed within the tree crowns. The downward movement of later stages was
first preceded by a slight upward migration to ‘the tree top. Majority (90 %) of the penultimate larva instars live in the lower crown area on their way to pupate in the soil. High mortality factors due to predatory ant Oecophylla will not make the rearing of this insect economically feasible in the natural setting of Ilorin area. The paper suggests the adoption of artificial diet for the mass production of C. forda larvae.

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