Insect Pests Occurring on Melon Plant Cucumeropsis Edulis L. in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria


ABSTRACT: Results from this survey showed that a diversity of 28 insect species belonging to 16 families and six orders were found to cause damages to Cucumeropsis edulis in the field, The major insect pests included Antigastra catanaulalis Dup, Nezara virdula L.
Zonocerus variagnatus L Syagrus calcaratus. Podagrica sp. nr. dilecta. Podagrica unijorma. Piezostemum calidium stal Aphis gossypii. Leptoglosus australis F. Thrips tabacci lind Maruca vitrata. Dacus curcubitae L. Mylabtis bifasciata. and Coryna hermaniae. The vegetative and flowering stages of the crop recorded the highest incidence of pest damage, Three coccinellid predators of Aphis gossypii found in this study included
Tachinus sp, Coccineila septempunctata and Exochomus flavipes.

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