Observations on Euzopherodes vapidella Mann (Lepidoptera Pyrallidae) Infesting Yam Tubers in Ibadan Nigeria



ABSTRACT: Laboratory observations were carried out on the development of Euzopheroides vapidella Mann attacking stored yam tubers (Dioscorea spp) in Ibadan. This was the first record of the species from West Africa. The mean developmental period of the insect was 24.30 ± 1.88 days in D. alata L. at a mean temperature of 31.2±3.5oC and mean relative humidity of 49.4 ± 2.7. Development in D. rotundata Poir was unsatisfactory. Only mechanically damaged tubers were attacked and the storage of only physically undamaged tubers is recommended in order to reduce infestation by the pest.

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