Cowpea Insect control with High- Volume Aqueous Sprays in Southern Nigeria


ABSTRACT: Field tests with nineteen insecticides against a complex of insect pests of cowpea in
Southern Nigeria resulted in seed yield increases of over four times the unsprayed plots. Treated plants generally reached maturity earlier than untreated plants. Emulsifiable concentrate formulations were phytotoxic to young plants. Repeated applications of Carbaryl WP also were phytotoxic. Chlorophenamidine
(Galecron (R)) was extremely phytotoxic to plants of all ages.
Insecticides which showed particular promise against each group of the major insect pests were identified. Abate (R) carbaryl, chlorypyrifos dimethoate, fenitro-
thion, Gardona(R), lindane and methormyl merit further evaluation.

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