The Diagnostic Characteristics and Host Distribution of the Lane of some Economically Important Ticks in Nigeria


ABSTRACT: Fully engorged females of A. mblyomma variegatum (Fabricius) and Boophilus decoloratus
(Koch) were identified and later reared in the laboratory. The diagnostic characteristics of their larval progeny were studied and compared for identification purposes, These characteristics were applied in the study of the host range of these larvae species, Those Boophilus spp were found to be narrow, restricted to mainly cattle with a few collections from sheep, goats and the domestic pig, The host range of A. variegatum larvae was found to be wide confirming the findings of Hoogstraal(1956) and often mixed with other larvae. The hosts include goats and dogs, the hedge-hog, cane rats, antelopes, guinea fowls and domestic chicken. Man was found to be occasionally attacked especially at the beginning of the dry season – November – when these larvae were found to be numerous.

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