Evaluation.of Neem Products (Azadirachta indica A. Juss: Meliaceae) for the Control of Dermestid Beetle (Dermestes maculatus Degger) (Coleoptera: Dennestidae) on Dried Fish

ONU, I. and BABA, G.O.

ABSTRACT:The efficacies of three neem products (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) were evaluated
for the control of dermestid beetle (Dermestes maculatus DeGeer) on dried fish. Only neem kernel oil (NKO) at 1 ml/35 g of dried fish caused higher mortalities in both the larvae arid adults of the insect. NKO and neem kernel powder (NKP) at 1 ml and 5
g per 35 g respectively of dried fish significantly suppressed oviposition and adult emergence of the insect. Neem leaf powder (NLP) at 5 g per 35 g of dried fish caused the formation of moribund and dead F 1 generation of the insect as well as disrupting their developmental stages on the dried fish. Only NKO was found not to have post-treatment residual effect on the dried fish after palatability test was carried out. The
result is indicative of the potential of NKO for the control of Dermestes maculatus on dried fish

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