MorphometIics of a Field Population. of Zonocerus variegatus L. (Orthoptera : Pyrgomorphidae).


ABSTRACT. Adults from natural populations of Zonocerus variegatus L. wen; collected with sweep net at seven locations in the campus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. They were used for studies on morphometries based on wing, head, leg, pronotum and body length measurements. The relative fore wing length and relative hind wing length were normally distributed in both sexes but wider in females: The normal distribution of relative wing lengths indicates the existence of wing
polymorphism in field-population of Z. veriegatus. The use of stepwise discriminant analysis, including canonical variables, showed that the insects from the different locations were a homogeneous population. The best discriminant characters which distinctly separate the two sexes were the fore- and hindwing widths for male population and forewing lengths for female population. There were significant differences in the body lengths and weights of males and females at all locations.

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