A Study of Cockroach [Dictyoptera: BlattidaeJ Infestation in Different Types of Residential Buildings in Makurdi. Nigeria.


ABSTRACT: Environmental assessment of 234 residential apartments in Makurdi was undertaken after which cockroaches were collected from kitchens and toilets from 2400 -0200 h between Mar. and Jul. 2006 using the killing and counting technique. One hundred and forty three (61.6%) of the residential apartments visited had occupant ratio of>4 persons per room. A total of 4,037 cockroaches were collected in 88.5% of residential apartments visited; the toilet
and kitchen accounted for 54.6% and 45.4% of the collection, respectively. The American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, and the German cockroach, Blattela germanica, were the predominant species encountered; the least was Supella longipalpi. There was no significant difference in species preference for kitchen or toilet (X2 = 0.11, df= 1, P>0.05). The number of cockroaches collected from multi-unit apartments with several tenants was significantly higher than the numbers collected from duplex or detached buildings (X2 = l3.8, df = 2, P<0.05). Overcrowding and poor maintenance of buildings were common to all the study locations and these enhanced cockroach infestation. There is an urgent need to put in place a comprehensive cockroach prevention and control intervention strategy that will emphasize community
participation in planning and implementation in order to protect and safeguard human health.

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