A NewPest of Cotton: Cylds puncticollis BOH. (Coleoptera: Brenthidae) in Adamawa State, Nigeria


ABSTRACT: A survey of the major cotton growing zones in 10 locations in Adamawa State of Nigeria, revealed the presence of Cylas puncticollios Boh, (Coleoptera:Brentidae) on cotton farms both in the rainy and dry seasons on cultivated and ratoon cotton. Cylas has been in existence at Ngurore the hot -spot zone, for more than 9 years. The average number on cultivated cotton varied from 0.0 at Sangere to as high as 36.9 at Ngurore during the rainy season, while on
ratoon, numbers ranged from 0.0 at Sangere to 9.0 at Ngurore per 5 plants, respectively. Cylas puncticollis diapauses as adult in the stem of cotton in order to survive the harsh weather to the next planting season. More numbers were recorded at 75% boll formation of cotton than at square formation.
Keywords: Cylas puncticollis; Brentidae, ratoon cotton, existence, Ngurore, Sangere, square formation, boll formation.

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