Biting Behaviour of Simulium damnosum S. L. (Diptera: Simuliidae) in Oregbeni, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


ABSTRACT: Studies on some aspects of the bionomics of Simulium damnosum s. l. (Diptera: Simuliidae, L.) were conducted in Oregbeni, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, from 06:00h-18:00h between March and October 2009. Human bait was used for collections: Biting cycle, biting rate, seasonal abundance, biting site preference on host and spatial variation in biting.
intensity were investigated. A total of 4372 adult female S. damnosum were caught. The daily’ biting cycle showed a bimodal peak, the first was 10:00h- 12:00h, while the second was 14:00h- 16:00h. The highest monthly biting rate (MBR) of 6254.3 was recorded in March, a dry season . period. The annual biting rate (ABR) was 32182.4. More flies were caught during the rainy season (66.4%) than during the dry season (33.7%). There was a significant variation (D= 0.171;
P< 0.05) in biting site preferences on hosts; there were fewer bites on hands, 139 (37.9) bites per person per day, and legs, 228 (62.1) bites per person per day. There was also a significant variation (D = 0.158; P < 0.05) in biting intensity in relation to distance from the river; intensity was highest at 300-400metres from river.

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