Sexual dimorphism in Somatic Tissues’ Response to Copulation in Adult Zonocerus variegatus (L.)


Nig.J.Ent.30: 164-169(2013)

ABSTRACT: The response of antenna and femoral muscles of adult Zonocerus variegatus to
copulation process was studied by assaying. The activities of lipase, amylase, aglucosidase,
cellulase and proteinase enzyme» In the femoral muscles and K+,Ca2+, Na+, Cl and PO2- . concentrations were determined in the antennae during copulation. The enzymes were significantly higher in the female than the male adult, whereas activities were lower in the female antennae than the male. The concentrations of Na+ and Cl- (17.50 mg/mol and 146.9 mg/mol, respectively). in adult male were more than other ions
in the antennae.

Keyword: Antennae, Femoral muscles, Enzymes, Copulation) Zonocerus variegatus

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