Concentration of Heavy Metals in Tissues of 6th Instar Nymph and Adult Variegated Grasshopper
(Zonocerus variegatus L.) (Orthoptera:Pyrgomorphidae) collected from different Locations in Abeokuta, Nigeria.


Nig. J. Ent. 31: 123-128 (2015)

ABSTRACT. The accumulation of heavy metals by arthropods from their environments has been
established, but there is the need to monitor the distribution of these metals in their tissues. The
concentration of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg2+),Zinc (Zn2+), iron (Fe2+), lead
(Pb2+), copper (Cu2+) and chromium (Cr2+) in the antennae, head capsule and femur muscle of both
the 6th instar and adult Zonocerus variegatus (L) as well as their host plants collected from five different locations in Abeokuta Nigeria (7°03’N03°19’E) was therefore determined. Of all the tissues examined, the femoral muscle recorded the highest concentrations of metals in both the 6th instars and adult Z. variegatus. However, the antennae recorded a low concentration of these metals. Concentrations of metal in the tissues of the Z variegatus were significantly affected by the
locations. Z variegatus collected from NNPC mega station had higher Pb2+concentrations in all the tissues than those from the other locations. Z variegatus from the industrial estate had significantly higher (P<0.05) concentration of Cr2+ in the head and femoral muscle (0.045 mg/kg and 0.097 mg/kg respectively) while those from the mechanics village had significantly higher
(P<0.05) Zn2+concentration in the head and femoral muscle (0.255 mg/kg and 0.311 mg/kg, respectively) compared to the other locations.

Keywords: Zonocerus variegatus, heavy metals, tissues, host plant

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