Effects of Different Insecticidal Concentration Levels on Damage of Busseola fusca (F.) on the Yield of Maize at Jalingo and Yola, Nigeria


ABSTRACT: The effect of Sherpa plus (Cypennethrin 12g + dimethoate 100 g/l) at four concentration levels was examined on the damage caused by Busseola fusca (F.) [Lepidotera :Noctuidae] on the yield of six maize varieties and cultivars at Jalingo and Yola in 2013 cropping season. The experiment was a split-plot design with six maize varieties/cultivars [T2L-Comp.4c2;BR-9928-DMR-SR-Y; SWAN 1(white); SWAN 2 (yellow) and the cultivars Ex-Jalingo white and yellow] were the sub-plots and the main-plots were the four concentration levels (0.0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 l/ha) on a sub-plot size of 3x3m replicated 3times. Maize plants were sprayed 2 times with Sherpa plus at 4 and 8 weeks after emergence (WAE). The damage recorded were pin-hole stem tunneling and breakage at cob formation soft dough stage. The highest yield was 0.5/ha (4,700 kg/ha) followed by 1.01lha(4,079.69 kg), while lower yield of 3,112.95 was recorded on the control (0.0l/ha).There was less stem tunneling and breakage at 1.5 Vha. The variety that gave the highest
yield was T2L-Comp.4c2 (5,022.0Kg/ha) while the least was SWAN 1(white) obtained from Osun State ADP (1,716 kg/ha). The Ex- Jalingo yellow and white cultivars gave moderate yields of 4.500.95 and 4,421.80 kg/ha respectively. Higher yields were obtained from Jalingo than at Yola. It is recommended here that the improved varieties obtained from IITA be used for planting by farmers, while the local cultivars obtained at Jalingo should be improved by breeders since they were relatively more promising than the SWANs.
Keywords: Damage, Sherpa plus, stem-borer, tunneling, varieties, yield.

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