Morpho-Classification of Morphoclusters of Apis mellifera L. in the Savannah Vegetation of Nigeria


Nig.J. Entomol. 33: 103 -110 (2017)

DOI: 10.36108/NJE/7102/33(0121)

ABSTRACT: Morphometric features were used to discriminate Apis mellifera L. species in the Savannah Vegetation of Nigeria into morphoclusters. Data obtained were analysed with parametric statistical tools of mean, standard deviation and standard error. Means of morphometric features of the honeybee morphoclusters were presented in centroids and the confidence intervals (95%) were expressed. Taxonomy of Savannah vegetation honeybee samples based on morphometric features produced two distinct morphoclusters of honeybees. Morphocluster 2 had the highest (56.7%) percentage of honeybee in the region. The within cluster percentage of state of Apis mellifera in the savannah zone of Nigeria based on variations of the morphometric features showed that all honeybee
samples obtained from apiaries sited in Abuja (100%) and Kaduna (100%) were of morphocluster 1 while majority of morpho cluster 2 honeybee were present in Kebbi (100%) and Kwara (100%) states. Though, Adamawa State had some honeybee of morphocluster 1(16%), the larger number of bees from this state was of morphocluster 2 (84%).
Keywords: Savannah vegetation, morpbometric features,Apis mellifera, morphoclusters, taxonomy.

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