Abundance, Distribution and Diversity of Terrestrial Insects in University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Western Nigeria


Nig. J. Entomol. 33: 129-137 (2017)


ABSTRACT: This study was conducted to assess the status of terrestrial insects’ population in three
selected sites (the Botanical Garden, Awba Dam area and the Practical Year Training Programme farmland all on University of lbadan campus ).The study was carried out from February to July, 2012. Insect samples were collected from the study sites using sweep net, pitfall trap and handpicking methods. Insects collected were identified at the Insect Museum in the Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology, University , using Standard Key and Comparative Morphology. A total of 1,524 individuals, belonging to nine orders were recorded during the study.The order
Hymenoptera was observed as the most abundant while order Lepidoptera was the most diverse. Margalef’s and Shannon’s indices of species richness and diversity analysis showed that the Awba Dam
site had the highest species richness and diversity, with Margalef’s and Shannon’s indices values of 4.96 and 4.36 respectively. Pearson correlation coefficient showed no significant relationship between insect abundance and temperature, relative humidity or solar radiation. But there was a significant relationship between insect abundance and months (r=0.890) at p>0.05 level.
Keywords: Terrestrial Insects.Abundance, Distribution, Diversity, University of lbadan

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