The Biology of Cylas puncticollis Boheman (Coleoptera: Apionidae) on Ipomoea batatas (Linnaeus) Lamarck



Abstract: Eggs of Cylas puncticollis laid in self-made cavities in vines or tubers of Ipomoea batatas took 2 – 4 days to hatch at laboratory temperatures of 22C – 31C and 63 – 94%R. H. A larval period of 17 – 23 days and a pupal period of 4 – 6 days were recorded. Over 55% of eggs normally laid in the field were deposited in the basal portions of the vines but in the laboratory, C. puncticollis showed no preference to. lay in the tip, middle or basal portion of the vine. Larval feeding tunnels within the vines ran downwards towards the tuber attachments.

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