Effects of Insecticides on the Growth Parameters of Cocoa Seedlings


Abstract:Three insecticides: Unden 20 (Bayer product) a carbamate, Elocron 50 W. P (Ciba-Geigy product) another carbamate, and Gammalin 20 (I.C.I. product) Lindane based insecticide were evaluated for their post-treatment effects on young cocoa seedlings for a period of 19 weeks. The insecticides were applied by-monthly at the recommended rates for the control of mirids. The overall performance of the seedlings indicated that Elocron seemed to induce the most vegetative growth (lateral and terminal bud formation) while Gammalin 20 most suppressed the vegetative growth. Gammalin 20 treated plants were therefore worse off than other plant treated with Unden 20, Eloeron 50 and even water as control. The information from the work stresses the point that selectivity between crop pest or target organisms is necessary and is as important as-the host plant when we talk in terms of insecticides.

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