The effectiveness of four Insecticides applied at planting for the control of termites on maize in the northern Guinea savanna.


ABSTRACT: The effectiveness of four insecticides: aldrin 2 1/2 %odust, pirimiphos ethyl (30% W.P),
chlorpyriphos (10%g) and carbofuran 3g applied at planting to control termites on maize was evaluated in field trials at Samaru between 1980 and 1982. Aldrin treated-plots had lower termite population, reduced percentage plant lodging and termite attack on wooden
baits than the other treatments. Carbofuran was effective against the termites for about eight weeks post treatment but also gave a good control of the stem borers. Aldrin and carbofuran-treated plots significantly out-yielded all other treatments. Although
carbofuran appears to be a good alternative to aldrin because of the deleterious effect of the latter insecticide, the time and number of applications of carbofuran for effective control of termites on maize need to be further investigated.

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