Effects of nitrogen atmosphere on the adult and immature stages of some stored products insects.


ABSTRACT: The use of an inert gas-Nitrogen-to replace the traditional methods of insect control in stored products was tested. The exposure time required to achieve a 100percent kill of different stages (eggs, larvae, pupae and adults) of Dinoderus porcellus Lense, Lasioderma serricorne (F), Callosobruchus maculatus (F), Rhyzopertha dominica (F), Dermestes maculatus DeG. and Necrobia rufipes Deg. was investigated. The insects were exposed to nitrogen atmosphere in metal minisilos at an ambient temperature and relative humidity of 29.90°C and 67.3 percent respectively. It was found that the minimum exposure time required to achieve a 100 percent mortality of adult insects at 28 -2°C was 78 hrs for Dinoderus porcellus, 63hrs for
Lasioderma serricorne, 99hrs for Collosobruchus, 72hrs for Rhyropertha dominica, 63 for Dermestes maculatus and 54hrs for Necrobia rufipes

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