Studies on trypanosome Infection rates of Glossina Species (Diptera: Glossinidae) in Pandam wildlife Park.


ABSTRACT: A comparative study on the trypanosome infection rates of Glossina palpalis palpalis, Glossina tachinoides and Glossina longipalpis was carried out at Pandam Wild Life Park, which is located within the Southern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria. Flies were caught with Challier and Laveissiere traps, identified and their proboscis, salivary glands and midgut were dissected for the presence of trypanosomes. Out of 1,029 tsetse flies dissected, 139 (13.5 per cent) of them were infected with trypanosomes. Female flies had higher infection rate than males. Among the infected
flies, Trypanosoma vivax type of infection occurred in 58.7 per cent, 56.8 per cent and 50.0 per cent while T. congolense was seen in 38.1 per cent, 38.6 per cent and 46.1 per cent and T. brucei infection occurred in 3.2 per cent, 4.6 per cent and 3.1 per cent in G.P. palpialis, G. tachinoides and G. Longipalpis respectively. The results showed that the three Glossina species studied are important transmitters of both human and animal
trypanosomes. The epidemiological implications of these results are discussed in relation to the presence of human settlements in the vicinity of the park.

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