An ecological survey of acridoid grasshoppers (Orthoptera) in the middle belt of Nigeria


ABSTRACT: An ecological survey of acridoid grasshoppers was conducted in the northern Guinea/
southern Guinea and derived savanna zones of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. Thirteen subfamilies, 83 genera and 114 acridoid species were encountered. One subfamily (Euschrnidtinae) two genera (Glyphoclonus and Euschmidtia) and three species. Afroxyrrhepes acuticerus (Tropidopolinae), Glyphoclonus miripennis (Acridinae) and Elischmidlia congona are new records for Nigeria. Also new are three subfamilies six genera and seven species of Tetrigidae namely Xerophyllum species (indeterminate), Pantelia horrenda, Trachytettix alatus, and Dasyleurotettix infaustus Xerophylinae
Phloeonotus humilis, P masaiensis (Batrachideinae) and a Tetriginae whose genus and species are indeterminate and are probably new to science. The indeterminate. Xerophyllum species was described and named X. esebile whilst the indeterminate genius and species was described and named Adeletia aleareca. Several acridoid species were ecologically very plastic whilst many others showed ecological restriction. Several
forest species were found in the derived savanna zone and most of them belonged to the Catantopinae. Many species were hygrophilous and were usually found in wet habitats. Five pest species namely Zonocerus variegatus, cataloipus fuscocoeruleipes, Hierogtypnus aaganensis, Kraussaria angutifera and Oedaleus Senegalesis were encountered. Zonocerus attacked seedling sorghum and millet in the northern Guinea savanna of Niger state and cassava in the derived savanna of Kwara state. Cataloipus and Heiroglyphus attacked millet, maize, rice and sorghum in the derived savanna of Kaduna slate, Kraussaria and Oedateus did not Occur in pest proportion and no crops
were damaged by them.

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