Damage to teak (Tectona grandis Linn.) leaves by nymphs of Zonocerus variegaius Linn. (Acridoidea: Pyrgomorphidae) at Ibadan, Nigeria


ABSTRACT: The early stage nymphs of Zonocerus variegatus occurred in clusters on the leaves of Tectona grandis from early November 1974 to early January. The leaves were damaged by the insects by skeletonising which was mostly marked on the older leaves of the plant. The young tender leaves appeared to be resistant to the destructive feeding of the nymphs. The skeletonising generally started from the leaf margins and spread gradually to the entire leaf area. The severity of the damage increased with an increase in plant age and number of nymphs per plant. Also observed were the presence of some insects of the families Mantidae and Pyrrhocoreidae and the order Hymenoptera. The predatory and parasitic roles of these insects on the nymphal populations of Z. variegatus was, however, not investigated in this study.

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