Flight activity of some Heteraptera in a Nigerian cocoa farm


ABSTRACT: Flight activity of some Heteroptera in a Nigerian cocoa farm was studied with the aid of a 30 em Johnson- Taylor insect suction trap. Of the different families represented, the highest number of species in flight was recorded among the Miridae. Collartida
Villiers (Reduviidae: Emesinae) and Cardisaspethus sp. (Anthocoridae: Anthocorinae), however, out numbered other species in suction trap catches during most months of the year. C. occulata, Sahlbergella singuleris, and Stenolimus sp. had unimodal flight pattern while Deraeocoris crigi and species of Monalocoris, Myiomme, and Empicoris had two different peak periods of flight. Among the majority of Heteroptera at the cocoa farm, night flight was generally equal to day flight. However, in 6 species (C. occulets, Cslphumioides sp., Deraeocorinae Gen.
et. sp. indent., D. crigi, Stenolimus
sp. and S. singularis night flyers exceeded day flyers. The study further, showed that more individuals and species were caught in flight during the dry than the rainy season. More males were caught on the wing and this difference- was higher during the day.

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