The Nigerian Journal of Entomology is published annually by the Entomological Society of Nigeria. Original research on any aspect of entomology and related arthropods are accepted and peer-reviewed for publication as a Full Length, Short Communication, or  Review Article.

Authors who are concerned about the editorial process should check our editorial policy section. We encourage authors, reviewers and editors  to adopt and adapt to our guidelines in order to fit in the needs of their own particular publishing area and environment.

Part of the benefit for authors who publish with us include provision of supportive and accessible service throughout the publishing process from us to you. 

NJE offer fast publication while providing meticulous peer review to maintain the probity of information. Our times from submission to first decision are short and once the content is accepted it will be published online shortly afterwards. As you know that all articles here are open access, your article will be open access, it will be immediately and freely available and reusable without restriction

We are committed to supporting entomological research as widely as we can and provide much visibility and exposure for research articles as attainable. We have a dedicated team who work with media globally to highlight research findings of interest to the public and science media, regularly leading to extensive coverage in the internet. We also ensure that research endeavours of contributors to the journal are easy to find (via a search engine optimisation) and cite, making useful ideas and knowledge obtainable to other researchers, communities and institutions around the world.