Review of insects associated with cowpea: the case of Maiduguri in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria


ABSTRACT: A total of 110 species of insects were found associated with cowpea in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria out of which 21 species were found to have got the potential to reach major pest status under certain circumstances. They are indicated as major pests in
the list. Sixty three percent of the insects collected were associated with the preflowering stage, 10 percent with flowers and 19 percent with pods of the cowpea crop
while 8 percent were casual visitors. A list of insects arranged according to the phenology of the crop is presented. Certain differences were noted between the insect fauna of cowpea in the semi-arid north (as reported here) and other parts of Nigeria (as per other reports) which can be attributed to the differences in climate

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