Cockroach and Bedbug Infestation in Poultry Farms and Residential Apartments in Makurdi, Nigeria

NJE Vol. 38: 1-9, 2022


1Adelusi, S. M., Terkumbur, T. E., Omouhie, P. B. Elajonje, G.E. and Omudu, E. A.

1Department of Biological Sciences, Benue State University, Makurdi

This study was conducted to investigate bedbug and cockroach infestation in poultry farms and adjacent residential apartments in Makurdi and to determine if proximity to poultry farms increased the odds of infestation of human population. Bed bugs found in mattresses, cracks, crevices of walls, bird cages and furniture were collected by handpicking while cockroaches were trapped using the Hercules mouse glue board. A total of 595 bedbugs were collected from 42 (30.9%) cages while 461 bedbugs were collected from 71 (71%) apartments in the different locations sampled. Farms around Wadata Market had the highest bed bug infestation (69.9%). Residential apartments at Wadata also had a high infestation (50.1%) However, the total percentage infestation of Cimex lectularis (69.6%) was higher than Cimex hemipterus (30.4%) at all sampling sites (P<0.05). Two species of cockroaches were trapped in this study Periplaneta americana and Blatella germanica. A total of 973 cockroaches were trapped from 111 (81.6%) cages from different farm locations while a total of 400 cockroaches were trapped from 72(72%) apartments. Farms located around Wadata market had higher cockroach infestation (68.2%). Apartments at Wadata also had high percentage infestation (47.3%). P. americana (47.8%) was slightly more (P<0.05). than B. germanica (42.2%) The high infestation of bedbugs and cockroaches in poultry farms around Makurdi and adjourning residential apartments is as a result of the conversion of living rooms into chicken rearing. Though the infestation of bedbugs and cockroaches was high, the apartments within close proximity to poultry farms had the higher odds of infestation.

Keywords: Bedbugs, Cockroaches, infestation, poultry farms, residential apartments

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