Application of New Technology in Mapping and Distribution of Termites and Termitarium in
Oyigbo Local Government, Port Harcourt

NJE Vol. 39: 28-41, 2023


1Azeez, O. M., 1Zakka, U.,1 Miebaka, E. I.2 Oyedokun, V. A. and Ogege, W. I.

1Department of Crop and Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Port Harcourt Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
2Entomology Unit, Department of Crop Protection, Cocoa Research Institute Ibadan, Oyo State

GIS and Remote sensing are new technology deployed in solving entomological related problems, which is more efficient with large area coverage, including inaccessible farm land and cost effective. They are handy with tools to capture, determine location, manipulate, analyze and visualize objects like termitarium in the study area. A survey was carried out to determine the types and proportions of mound-building termites occurring in Obunka-Egberu communities (Afam), Oyigbo Local Government Area. Three species of mound-building termites, namely; Ancistrotermes latinotus, Amitermes evuncifer and Amitermes species were observed to occur in the study areas. However, A evuncifer is the dominant mound –building termite in the study area. The termitaria are of different type and colour at different depth of the soil sample. The height of the dead termitaria was lower than those of the live ones. Irregular shapes of termitaria occurred in the location of different type; 70 % of the termitaria were dome, while the remaining ones were cathedral, iconic and arboreal.

Keywords: Type; Irregular shape; Termitarium; GIS; Remote sensing; Ancistrotermes latinotus, Amitermes species.

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