Volume 3(No.2)

AKINSOLA, E. A .. Reactions of resistant and Susceptible rice varieties to infestation by the yellow borer, Tryporyza incertulas (Walker) (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae)

AWOPETU, IDOWU . Comparative ecological genetics of Drosophila Spp, Zaprionus vittiger Coquillet (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and Mageselic scalaris Loew (Diptera: Phoridae)

DEEMING, J. C. Ophiomyia Pbaseoli (Tryon) (Diptera: Agrornyzidae) Attacking bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris Linn.) in Northern Nigeria

EGWUATU, R. I. and TAYLOR, AJIBOLA, T.. Field Parasitisation of the Eggs of Acomthomia tomentosicollis Stol (Hemiptera: Coreidae) at Ibadan , Nigeria

EJEZIE, G. C. and DAVEY K. G . Some Effects of Prolonged Virginity on Feeding and Milk Gland Activity in Females of the Tsetse fly, Glossina Austeni (Newstead)

IVBIJARO, MATT., F.: Seasonal Fluctuations in Natural Populations of the Major Pests of Kola Nuts Cola nitida in Southern Nigeria

IWUALA, MOSES, O. E. and OGBALU, ANTHONY, I : A Study of the Gastro-intestinal Parasites of domestic Populations of the Cockroach Periplaneta americana Linnaeus at Nsukka, Nigeria

MATTHYSSE, JOHN, G. and FUNMILAYO, OLUWADARE: Preliminary Report on Mites Collected from Plants and Animals in Nigeria, Part II. Mites Parasitic on Animals

NWANA, IFEDIORAMMA, E.: The Biology of Cylas puncticollis Boheman (Coleoptera: Apionidae) on Ipomoea batatas (Linnaeus) Lamarck

OJO, AKINWALE. and LAYODE. G .: Effects of Insecticides on the Growth Parameters of Cocoa Seedlings

OLADUNMADE, M. and BALOGUN, R. A: Effects of Samorin on some aspects of the Biology of Glossina morsitants Westwood .

OSUJI, FABIAN. N. C.. Radiographic examination of Stored Grains and Seeds to Reveal Internal Insect Infestation

USUA, E. J. and SINGH, S. R.: Behaviour of the Cowpea Pod Borer, Marruca testulalis Geyer