Volume 4 (1983)

HASSAN, A. T.: Parasitization of a libellulid dragonfly, Urothemis assignata Selys (Anisoptera: Libellulidae) by water mite larvae of the genus Hydrachna (Acarina: Hydrachnidae)

HASSAN, A.T.: Predation efficiency and capacity of the. larvae of three libellulid dragonflies (Anisoptera: Libetluidae)

EGWUATU. R.I. and TAYLOR, A.T.: Studies on the seasonal changes in the population of Acanthomyia tornentosicollis Stat (Hemiptera: Coreidae) on Cajanus cajan (Linnaeus) Druce (pigeon pea) in Ibadan, Nigeria

PARH, I.A.:The ecology and distribution of the cowpea leafhopper, Empoasca dolichi Paol i in southwestern Nigeria

ASHIRU, M. O.: A review of the problems of tree protection in Nigeria with special reference to insect pests

ASHIRU, M.O.: An appraisal of silk from Anaphe venata Butler (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) and methods for degumming.

AKINSOLA, E.A.: Resistance to yellow borer, Tryporyza incertulas (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in rice varieties

OYIDI, O.: Seasonal colour variation in some acridoid grasshoppers (Orthoptera) in the Sudan Savanna of Zaria, northern Nigeria

APPIAH, F.O., NWANNA,I.E. and AGWU, S.I.: The relationship between weed types and the occurrence of Catantops spissus spissus Walk. (Orthoptera:Acrididae) in oil palm plantations

POPHAM, E.I. and TEMBO, C.: Anatomical differences in the arrangement of the brain and mouthparts in some Malawian grasshoppers

TENABE, S.O.: A study of the diurnal activity of Glossina palpalis R.D. (Diptera: Glossinidae) in Niger State, Nigeria using the Challier and Leveissiere trap

ADESIYUN, A.A.: Studies on some effects of relative humidity, food and light in termination of larval diapause in Busseola fusca (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

NWANA, I.E.: Aspects of the biology of Bathycoelia thalassina (H-S): reproduction and growth of immature stages

DARAMOLA, A.M:. Studies on the reactions of the large kola weevil, Sophrorhinus quadricristatus Faust to moisture and temperature